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Thank you for letting me see the light in the tunnel

One on one consultation

I am a university teacher. When I was in school, many students would come to consult me about their career confusion, whether to go to graduate school or go abroad, what kind of job to look for, what kind of salary, what kind of requirements. Sometimes my answer can satisfy them. Sometimes I can't. They are confused. Seriously, who can really see the whole future of the workplace? Who is not confused at all?

Having been a teacher for five years, I don't know where I should go in the future. What I do is not necessarily what I am really interested in and good at, but for the sense of security and security, for the surface of this profession, respected and enviable winter and summer vacation, I still insist on it. Until I had a career crisis, my major was suspended. Maybe I'll be laid off in the near future. I began to think: have I done what I really want to do in the past five years, what else can I do if I come out of college? Now I have to carry out the hard work in order to stay in the university system, and whether the chicken ribs of the doctoral preparation still have to persist? The second child is about to be born, although sweet, but how to bear the heavier economic pressure, I suddenly feel at a loss, More confused than many college students waiting for employment, because they still have time to hesitation, to make mistakes, to try, and I, who is about to be in my first year, have no long hesitation period. At this moment, I feel like a person standing at the entrance of a tunnel. In front of me is a long and narrow tunnel of darkness. Where is the light?

Like a headless fly, I began to look for all kinds of attempts to see light, but I ran into a wall everywhere. Is to take an examination of accounting certificate, to be an accountant part-time, or to specialize in English, to be a translator, or to do what I used to like? Psychological consultation teacher? Groping to find a new elite website, when I asked to apply for a career planner certification class, the customer service on the phone was sensitive to my confusion. She suggested that my current situation is not to learn to engage in career planning, but to find a one-to-one tutor to solve my career confusion.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet my consultant Wang Yilin. She has also changed her career from other industries into the field of career counseling. In a way, her personal experience gave me a lot of motivation. In the process of online consultation with Mr. Wang, I was like a lifesaver. I was anxious to ask her to make a decision for me. If in the process of consultation, I found that she did not directly give the landing advice as I expected in advance, I would feel frustrated and upset. Maybe like many visitors, we need others to make a decision for us, point out a broad road, and shout like God: go, that's your light! Go ahead, I'll give you resources, I'll tell you how to do it! In fact, it's a very bad idea that everyone's life can only be controlled by themselves. Only myself can help me find the light, which is what I have learned deeply in the whole consultation. And when you find that you can control your own destiny, you can have a relatively clear direction, and all resources will come close to you. That's what my mentor told me. But without my mentor, I might not have realized that and would not be responsible for my actions. She took me a little bit, through three consultations to break through the inner entanglement and confusion, step by step clear what I really want? What should I do for this purpose? What's more, she used her personal experience and psychological knowledge to make me believe that I can achieve my goal. I am more determined than ever that my dream will come true. In a short period of less than a month of consultation, through the exchange with Mr. Wang, I have the following achievements:

First: don't expect all problems to be solved by career planning. Sometimes we bring other disappointments in our lives into the workplace, hoping that the workplace can solve all the troubles in our life. In fact, this is not a reasonable career motivation, and career planning can not help us solve these problems. Problems in life and relationships still need to be solved at the spiritual level, Instead of simply changing jobs.

Second: don't worry too much when you encounter problems. You will find more possibilities when you calm down. If you are very anxious to get a solution in the short term, you will enter another misunderstanding, and you will blindly choose the method, but you will lose more. Just like someone who wants to get rich in a short time, it will certainly go into the wrong area of investment. As soon as I was anxious to finish the consultation within three days, Miss Wang didn't agree. She asked me to reflect on it for a week. Why are you so anxious for the answer and why are you so anxious? It is this buffer period that makes me think about my career development in a new way.

Third, look at past failures in a different way. Look at the past attempts from a different angle. Don't just consider whether you have achieved the goal. You are just walking on the road to achieve the ideal goal, instead of returning to the origin. You can see that you have been moving forward and trying to find a way to find a way. Sometimes we don't dare to make a decision because we are afraid of failure. In fact, we have to see that in this process, we have not regressed or stagnated, but have been working hard. From the perspective of the process, it is an attempt, not a failure. When someone asked Edison why he failed to invent the light bulb more than 5000 times, Edison said with a smile that I just successfully verified 5000 unreasonable methods.

Fourth: there are many ways to know yourself and the external workplace. Career counseling can provide relevant information resources support. We don't know about ourselves and the external workplace, so we are facing a lot of confusion. Through professional interest assessment, personality test Deep self dialogue (this part was discovered by the dialogue between the teacher and me) and finding out the order of our professional values can help us understand ourselves better. In addition, the teacher introduced my contacts to carry out research and interviews, told me the content of the interview, and discussed my problems with the interviewee's target workplace staff, so as to help me solve the problems caused by information asymmetry Confused. Finally, when I decided my direction, I also introduced career coaches to me, and I gained a lot in the process.

Fifthly, the career planner's own growth experience can provide a lot of motivation support. I was very lucky to meet Miss Wang, because she has rich professional experience, and she also encountered pain in the process. She worked hard to face the challenge and successfully realized her dream. This experience sharing itself has given me enough courage, and in this process, how she realized the effective landing experience also selflessly shared with me, let me gain a lot.

A person's career path is like a dark and narrow tunnel. I believe everyone will have their own confusion in life. Sometimes it is just a person who meets such a person. With her own experience, her mood and experience when she walked this road, with her thinking experience and learning methods, I can tell you that the dawn is in front of you. Maybe this road is still dark, but my heart is not confused, because someone holding your hand said to you: believe me, there is light ahead, because I have walked this road.
I think the teacher of the new elite is the one who shows me the light. Sincerely, thank you!

When I told my consulting teacher about my feelings, the consultant replied to me on QQ and said:

"-- if God says there should be light, then there will be light!

——Who is God?

You are your own God, illuminating your future. "

Yes, the road or a person to go, all the growth is their own, but when you are confused, someone has accompanied you, you can see the dawn and have hope. I want to be a person with the same light as my counselor, not only to illuminate myself, but also to the people in my profession.

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